This is a random shot I took while walking around Copenhagen. It is not uncommon to see spires such as this in various parts of the city. Copenhagen is very pedestrian friendly, and many people ride bikes instead of driving cars around.

Copenhagen, Denmark

I arrived in Copenhagen for a lengthy business trip on March 6th, 2008. I am scheduled to work at my company's Copenhagen office for about 5 to 6 weeks before returning home to San Diego. I am here with my friend and coworker, David, so it isn't totally lonely. However, the Danes are very friendly and approachable, so we have little difficulty in striking up a conversation wherever we go.

I intend for this page to be used to post some pictures as well as keeping a travelogue so that anyone interested can keep upt o date with my activities while I'm here. The time difference is big (8 or 9 hours ahead of Pacific time, given Europe's later switch to Daylight Saving Time), so it can make it a bit difficult to keep in touch with friends and loved ones in real time. Plus this should make it easier for me to not repeat the same stories to everyone individually, thus saving me from carpal tunnel syndrome...

Scroll down to see various photos of Copenhagen that I've taken so far. I will be adding more as I get around more and end up with some better shots.

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It is said that if you are a virgin, the horns will sound as you walk by. For some reason, we heard nothing...
This is the Radhus or City Hall. There is a large plads (plaza) nearby where tons of locals and tourists hang out. They seem to have a lot of protesters here.
This is the Palace Hotel which sits on the Raduspladsen.
This is the "picture-perfect" look of what you'd expect Denmark to be like. This is a very touristy area known as Nyhavn (New Harbor). Lots of trendy bars and restaurants line the sides of the canal here. The Little Mermaid statue is a little ways north.
This is the view outside the window of my Hotel room. The hotel is right on the harbor, and you can see my office building across the way.
The opera house is a beautiful building across the waterway from the Nyhavn area.
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