Copenhagen, Denmark, Travelogue 2008
March 5/6, 2008, San Diego, CADay 1 -- Getting to Copenhagen
Well I started the day bright and early at 4:30 AM to make sure I had everything together since I knew I was going to be gone at least 4, maybe 6 weeks. Didn't want to risk leaving anything behind. Harold picked me up at 6 AM, and we got to the airport, and I was checked in without a hitch. Now, I had a pretty good attitude about the day. Since I had come home from Cancun, Mexico, just over 24 hours before and had a major delay in the return trip, I figured that any bad travel karma had already worked itself out. Well, I was wrong. My 6:30 flight was ontime for quite a while, then suddenly was 2 hours delayed -- insuring I'd miss my connection in Newark for Copenhagen. I was not happy. Then, suddenly, a ray of hope! The captain had managed to procure a takeoff window, and if we all go on the plane lickety split, we'd get to leave on time! So, we all load the plane, and we're all ready to be off when we learn that we missed the window and we will be delayed after all. So, it was off the plane once again... We ended up getting a 3 hour delay total. Ironically, I guess due to favorable tailwinds, we made it to Newark in good time, and I only missed my connection by about 20 minutes. Continental had automatically rebooked me on a flight to Copenhagen through Amsterdam. Only problem is that the gate agent that met out flight didn't know which gate/flight to send me to, so I had to wait in line at the customer service counter. 20 minutes later, I find out the flight and that it is already boarding so I had to RUN to the gate. Again, it was NEXT DOOR to the customer service counter, so I decided there wasn't truly a need to run. I settled into my seat very relieved in the knowledge that I was at last headed to Europe, regardless of the delay. In Amsterdam, despite the fact that the airport is HUGE and a fortress, no less, I was able to get through passport control with no problem, and made it to my gate for the flight to Copenhagen. Thank god it was only an hour or so for that flight! I had never flown KLM, and with the hodgepodge of people on the plane, and the feel that there were goats and chickens on board with us meant I could not wait to get off! So, as we approach for landing, the captain gets on the PA and lets us know that he has requested a fire engine escort down the runway "just as a precaution" because of an "issue" with a flap! He assured us we expected a 'normal' landing, and not to be concerned. Now, I'm not stupid, I know full well that 'normal' landings don't require a fire engine escort, regardless! And, given the luck I had with travel thus far that week, well I was a bit nervous. The landing was a bit choppy, but otherwise we did arrive safe and sound. Too bad my suitcase didn't. I was already expecting this since the connection in Newark was so tight. So, by the time I made my claim for lost baggage, got a cab to the hotel, it was 2 PM and I had expected to be there at 8 AM. So, I passed on going into the office and decided I would just use the time to shower and relax before getting some lunch/dinner. David, who had arrived a week earlier, came home from the office, and we went on a quick tour of the area around the hotel as well as the city center. We had some drinks at a bar and then grabbed some dinner. I was happy that I managed to stay up until 11 PM local time -- always a sure way to avoid jet lag!
March 7, 2008, Copenhagen, DenmarkDay 2 -- First day in the office and partying like a rock star
To be continued...
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