Biography - A Brief History of Todd Weston
    So, I chose to go to GWU, and I ended up dropping out after a semester. Just wasn't ready for the big city, I guess. Alas, I returned home, moved to Salt Lake City, and finished up my Computer Science degree at the University of Utah. During that time, I pretty much figured out I was gay, and I came out when I was 21. During my final year, I was Vice President of On Campus Affairs for the Lesbian and Gay Student Union. I had a lot of fun, but I suddenly got the California fever, and moved to San Diego as soon as I got my diploma. Once in San Diego, I got a job doing some software development which was fine, but not really a great fit for the social butterfly I aspired to be. So, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I switched jobs and became a Consulting Engineer with an aspiring that eventually went belly up. In the end, it was good experience. Later I landed at an ASP software company that ultimately picked up and moved to the Bay Area. I almost went with, but opted to stay in San Diego and the unemployment that went along with that decision...
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