Kristen & Jess

Kristen is my best friend! She lives in San Francisco with Jess, her girlfriend. She is so cool and fun to hang out with, or to just talk with about life in general. We do fun things together like cooking and crafts. I miss that we are not so close together geographically, but thanks to the Internet and Verizon IN, we have achieved the next best thing. She is a performer, and has a magnificent opera voice. Download a track or two of hers below, and you will see what I mean!
Jess is a very cool girl. I met her through Kristen! She has an eclectic personality that allows her to express herself in many ways. She never takes herself too seriously, and she is nice and laid back about things. That doesn't mean she doesn't have strong convictions, though. She knows what she wants. That helps because she is an up-and-coming artist. Her art is the coolest! I love it so much I own a piece (Thanks for selling!) and you can go to her website below to see her stuff! She is a great friend to have, and I am glad i know her!
Kristen Sings: Deh Vieni, non tardar, Le Nozze Di FigaroJess' Website
Kristen Sings: Bel Piacere, AgrippinaMy Favorite of Jess'
Kristen Sings: Venus Song, King Arthur
Kristen Sings: Piangero, Julius Ceasar
Kristen Sings: This Little Rose
Kristen Sings: A Gaelic Blessing
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