My Interests

I have a lot of eclectic interests. I am comfortable with a wide range of activities from spending a weekend doing a home project (usually Martha Stewart inspired, minus the insider trading tips), to spending a weekend camping in the wilderness with nothing more than what I can carry on my back (consequently, I can carry quite a lot of stuff!) The in between of those extremes includes things like going to the beach, hanging out at local bars with friends, and watching movies. Some of my favorites (always changing, of course) are: Moulin Rouge, The Fifth Element, and Beauty and the Beast. Well, yeah, I do like a good musical! I also like to go shopping. One can never shop too much! I live in San Diego, California, and honestly, I doubt if there is a better place on the continent. Sure, other places have their charms, but at least here I can sleep with the window open in January. On top of the 100% wonderful weather, there are many outdoor activities to participate in that I doubt one could ever exhaust them all.

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