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Ghost Mountain, located in Anza Borrego Desert State Park, was made famous by Marshal South, who 'colonized' the mountain in the late thirties to prove that he and his family could live in the desert without problems. The cabin he built is still there, but the adobe has eroded away for the most part, so just the frame and the surrounding concrete support structures remain. The peak is just about 1/2 mile from the cabin, and its nearby environs are a wonderful place to pitch a tent, stay for the night, and enjoy the surrounding scenery of the desert valleys below. Not far from the mountain, you can find old, abandoned Native American 'camp' sites with morteros and pictographs they left in their wake. Other treats are an abandoned mine and an out-of-place jet engine not far from the Marshal South Cabin trailhead. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend away from the city!
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