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As promised, this is a page dedicated to United States politcs in general. My goal is to provide information for people to learn how to become more involved in the political process in this country. YES, most of the commentary will be biased. I personally don't feel that it is my responsibility to present both sides of the issues. Let someone else offer a different opinion. If you can't figure out where I stand in the political spectrum, just do as I say. All resource links are not endorsed by me in any way, but are only a springboard to get people started on the road to figuring it all out for themselves. I'm glad if I can help. Feel free to let me know what you think (positive or negative.) I don't guarantee a response either way.
I had a poem forwarded to me by a friend that sums up how I feel about it.
If you're interested: Election

Election irregularities? Please join the call to have election discrepancies investigated. I don't think it will change the overall outcome, nor am I advocating that. I just would like to make sure everyone who wanted to vote was able to do so, and had their vote counted!
Also, vote suppression should be a felony. Urge your Member of Congress to act on stopping the practice.
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