Big Bear - Gold Mountain & Bertha's Peak Car Camp
Feb. 11th & 12th, 2006. Big Bear, located in San Bernadino County, was a bit further than I've even ventured on a WBC trip, but I have to say it was well worth it. We started out having a fun breakfast at the Old Country Inn restaurant, then we headed off to the trailhead for our first day hike. The going was relatively easy, and we had a great view for lunch before heading down to the abandoned gold mine. After that, it was off to the campground to get settled in the night. Lance and Rita gave us a very informative and entertaining gear talk just before it got dark. That evening, we broke out the cocktails, and had a magnifiscent potluck dinner: beef stew, shrimp, cheese plates, veggies, liquered strawberries, etc. Once it started to get cold, we started a roaring campfire and proceeded to enjoy the evening to its fullest. We planned on it being cold, so thankfully it was a car camp and some of us were able to bring our tent heaters or just some extra blankets to keep the chill off. We all survived. The water froze in some cases, but we had enough around for Rita to French press coffee for all. Once we broke camp, we drove to the trailhead of Cougar Crest Trail, then enjoyed a little bite at the top. Overall the trip was great, and the group was great!
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